Wednesday, June 19, 2002

...yet another great story
god, could you imagine this ? how do you dial out? and do you have to keep like four feet of phone cord in your mouth?...and can other people use your phone?...will people be literally shitting out their phone bills? you believe in aliens?
as a print journalist, i oftentimes find myself being critical of broadcast journalism and convergence journalism due to its cutthroat ways of getting a story. i also can't stand sensationalism. but today i make an exception. this story is simply awesome...if only all stories were as intriguing and mysteriousas this one, the world would be a far better place.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002 up mcdonalds...sort of
as i sat in a drive-thru today, waiting for my extra value meal (2 cheeseburgers with no mustard, a large fries, a large coke and apple pie) i realized that it was probably the 3rd time i had eaten at mcdonald's this week. quickly consulting my palm pilot calculator and hot-syncing the data with my calendar, i realized it's the 3rd day of the week. 3 days, 6 cheeseburgers, 3 large french fries, 3 large cokes and 3 apple pies. tasted damn good too. but when i came back to work i caught this story and it freaked me out. so, from here on out, i will eat mcdonald's no more than once a week. if i break this promise, i will subject myself to a public blogging (pun intended).

Monday, June 17, 2002

...fascinating story from New York Times Magazine
very interesting story on the spidergoat and its milk could you not read?
...remember, re-mem-mem re-mem-ma-member, re-mem-mem re-mem-ma-member, re-mem-mem re-mem-ma-member, remember when
remember when they came out with erasable pens? but more importantly, remember how much they sucked?
...all right, they're not that bad
so the american footballers aren't a complete disgrace to the nation as they had led us to believe following a loss to poland last week. i actually watched the first half of the game last nite, which came on at 2:30 am eastern time. it was worth it, i suppose. i saw someone score an actual goal, a feat quite rare in the game of soccer. anyway, go u.s., woo hoo...i'm behind you all the way...always have been...

Friday, June 14, 2002

...the world cup is funny
this soccer thing is getting out of hand...i actually woke up this morning at 8:30 so i could check to see the score of the united states vs poland. we were losing 2-0, so i went back to bed...only to wake up and see a picture on of my home team celebrating after a 3-1 loss. confused, i read the story and came to find that south korea had unexpectedly defeated portugal, which means for some reason, the u.s. advances. these are dumb rules. if i were the king of fifa, my rule would be if you lose to poland, you should never be able to play soccer again...
...what i think about stuff
i think shaquille o'neal is overrated...i think eminem is to assonance what shakespeare is to the pun...i think razor scooters are cool...i think mustard isn't...i think if the terrorists really wanted to hurt us, they'd blow up the servers on which Kazaa runs...i think george w. bush would be a cool ice cream man...i think velcro shoes need to make a comeback...i think ben affleck is goofy looking...i think natalie portman isn't...
...heaven on earth with onion spice
all right, everyone who knows me, knows of my web site, GooberVille. at GooberVille i am able to express a side of me otherwise repressed due to my line of work (cattle herding). but, admitedly, GooberVille is about one rung above fart jokes on the ladder of comedic genius (ok, maybe 2). so here i wish to create an atmosphere a bit more intellectual, a bit more enthralling, a bit more Trebek, if you will...we'll see...